My interest in photography started when I took a dark room class at Bergen Community College 6 years ago. From there, my love for photography has stuck with me ever since.

I've studied little bit of everything to get a feel what I wanted to study in the long run. But before photography, I've had an interest in Interior Design. Right after high school, I did a semester at NYSID. However, I've figured out quickly that, it wasn't what I wanted to pursue as a career. Despite that, I knew I still wanted to be in a creative field, working in a different medium to find the best way to find my own artistic voice.


Takuya Matsumoto (@takuyamats) is a visual artist from New Jersey.

He found his inspiration in mixed medias, but particularly in music, where he was involved in playing the drums for many years before his commitment to photography.Currently attending The School of Visual Arts. Takuya is driven to develop a strong sense of identity and a clear direction of purpose through the photographic medium.

Takuya is using his creativity, inventiveness, and experimentation to explore all aspect of what photography has to offer. Whether it is photojournalism, portraiture, or landscapes, Takuya is always seeking to learn something new.After he graduates, Takuya plans to travel to Japan to document people that are still in the traditional industrial art profession.


I'm always observing the things around me, where ever I am, that would make a good photograph. Whatever the subject matter is, if it catches my eye, I'm going to capture it. 

As for my camera gear, depending on the day and how I'm feeling that day, I would switch between my Pentax 67 film camera and my Nikon D600 digital camera. Also, whenever I'm out with my friends hanging out, I would have my Fujifilm Klasse point & shoot camera since its easy to carry around


I find my inspiration through people. I'm always drawn to people that are always thriving to be creative. I feed off of their energy and motivation. I'm very grateful to be surrounded by such creative people in my life.

As for my favorite photographer, I can't thank enough to mentor 'Roe Ethridge' @roeethridge that worked with me through my senior year at SVA. He really helped me to realize the potential I had as an artist and drove my work where I was truly happy with.

What draws me to film photography is the time and effort to make a photograph. Each and every shot I take the time to take, the end result is something special that a digital camera cant give me. In my eyes, the pictures give me a nostalgic and memorable look that I can cherish forever. That's why I chose to do my 'friends series' with film. It felt right.